About CAC Interior Design
The Framework of our Design.......

FORM, the space provided for the project, at most
times given and built in stone, which puts limitations on
the project, but that gives the project the challenge of
working with what is provided. With this challenge is
born the chance to be creative. Form is only mentioned
first, simply because it is for the most part already
existing. But it is the
FUNCTION, the purpose of the project, that is the
most important part of a given project. Success is
measured on how well the intended function can be
preformed in the end. And when accomplished,creating
a look that has great
STYLE is what puts the design project over the top.
Design is to make an  visual impact so powerful that
the image is instilled forever!

111  South Main Street
River Walk Heights
Uptown Shelbyville Historic District
The Designer:
Calvin Aaron Cannon

Received his B.S. Degree in Interior Design in 1988 from The University of Tennessee at Knoxville.  He
received  on the job training as an design assistant briefly before venturing out on his own. To broaden
his hands on design capabilities, he applied for a job in floral design and excelled. Within two years he
was promoted to floral supervisor at another location. The the last 16 years Mr Cannon has worked
solely for himself in the design field. Starting out In a storage house at his home . From there he rented a
small office in,Murfreesboro, TN and display space in Shelbyville, TN (his hometown). When larger
space became available in Shelbyville he moved his operation to his hometown and opened a studio.
During the past seven years he has developed his skills as a painter and has become known for his
creative painting that defines spaces. After thirteen years and three buildings later , his studio occupies
a building in which he owns, a turn of the century two story building in Historic Uptown Shelbyville,    111
South Main Street .